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Hells Teeth

Photo copyright: A Mixed Bag
Photo copyright: A Mixed Bag

We knew it was wrong, but we let it happen. No one from the institutes of the enviroment or food health spoke out. Such tiny molecules of plastic, who would have thought that they could do so much harm. When we at last realised it was to late. The sea bed had been seeded, and the oceans food chains had no choice but to ingest the molecules. Those oceans comprising seventytwo per cent of the world became toxic to almost all marine life. Whilst back on land molecules of plastic were also finding their way into all animal life. Now the battle was on to find uncontaminated land. Obtaining safe food became hard. Food prices rocketed, and most of humanity, had to live with the toxicity that came from ingesting the molecules. So on land like in the oceans the ability to reproduce plummeted. Who the traitors were we never found out.


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  1. The scary fact is plastic is getting into everything. Animals are dying because they ingest it and it’s in our drinking water. You can’t drink water from the faucet anymore. Good writing, Mike. —- Suzanne

    1. Thank you Suzanne, the widespread use of plastic for packaging food has always concerned me. As a child I saw how easy it was to reused glass packaging; and where the use of glassware was inappropriate how it was quite practable to use paper or waxed packaging.

    1. Sascha I am so sorry to hear about the pollution of the swamp. I wrote about plastic as I really do believe things could be improved so easily. So I think that it is beholding on me to speak out.

      1. You’re right. 🙂
        I feel very similarly about styrofoam, which I cannot believe is still being made. I am happy that most plastics here are being recycled. Not that everyone does it. 🙁

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