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Standing Alone

Photo copyright:
Photo copyright: Jules Paige.

The people where worried, some thought that the earths governing body had something to do with what was happening. Others said that it was nature’s revenge for mankind’s abuse of the planet. However most people agreed that something must be done to put things right. To see it standing alone, made humanity worried.

All sorts of schemes were put forward as a solution. The world’s botanists had run out of ideas. Scientists where flummoxed. Administrators shook their heads. Artists had designed and built the lonely one, many companions.

Winter had long gone and spring came and went, still the lone one slept. Botanists prodded and probed, there seemed to be nothing wrong with the one, but still it slept. Summer brought no change. The construction of a protective screen kept the worst of the next winter at bay. Yet when spring returned, no buds appeared, no leafs arrived. The world had seen its last tree.

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      1. Hi Michael. Our council cut down the trees in our road and I sent an email demanding (yes demanding!) where my tits were going to sit. We ended up with a hawthorn variety being let on our drive courtesy of the council foc. No-one else did, and the guy came round to see if if was OK, so I reckon he was a bird lover.

          1. They didn’t actually plant it for us, but left a hawthorn variety in a bucket by our front door. I sent an email of thanks and the the guy said he’d driven by the house and was glad we were pleased. Nice to get something ‘free’ for our local taxes!

    1. Now James I so nearly let my readers into that secret, but I would have needed at least another hundred words. However most of earths population have been transported to new worlds, I might add against their wishes. The authorities on earth have been experimenting with oxygen production, hence the colour of the sky. Now I think that I am digging myself in deeper.

  1. So sad! I truly hope it never comes to that. This makes think of an old Joni Mitchell song. It went like, “They took all the trees, put ’em in a tree museum. And they charged the people a dollar and a half just see ’em. Don’t it all seem to go? That you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”

    Great story. Happy New Year!

    1. I loved that song, thanks for bringing it back to mind. I recall someone digging up trees, then shot blasting their roots. Said it was art. I believe trees are often undervalued. I need to stop now or I will be getting on my soap box. Wishing you a creative new year

  2. Thank you for your interpretation of my photo.
    A sad tree with non-blooming companions…
    Makes me think of empty tenements… where once life also bloomed.

    I do think though that some seeds will bloom eventually, maybe after humanity has left the planet.

  3. How awful! But unfortunately it seems all to real and near. But then again I do have a lot of faith in the resilience of trees – Happy New Year Michael 🙂

  4. This is sad, Michael. They’re cutting down trees here to build more highways. People don’t realize the trees help make the air we breathe. They’re already choking on the foul air and still they chop. I’m afraid of where it’s going to end. It’s shear stupidity. Good writing. —- Suzanne

    1. Only today another mature and healthy tree was cut down close to where I live. Even with any new planting’s of trees, it take eighty plus years to replace such a fine specimen. I would like to see a rule that before a tree is cut down, another two trees must be planted and allowed to mature.

        1. In Britain in my experience very little wood is truly recycled. Whilst tree after tree is cut down for firewood. If I don’t stop now I will write a tome. Thank you for keeping the SF site going.

        2. Hi Al, I am wondering if my posts carry a visual link to allow readers to check out other writers who post on Sunday Photo Fiction. I hope so. If not do let me know and I will try and make amends. Mike

          1. They should do Michael. I have been unable to visit any stories for the plast couple of weeks. My time and pain, as well as real life haven’t been playing well with me.

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