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A Wandering Child

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Our parents  said that starting early was crucial, it seems that it is a quite a long way to the animal park. I do understand. Perhaps they do know what I experience, well at least some of it. How frightened I am, because each time I walk to school it seems that the journey get a little bit longer! I worry that one day there might be no end to that walk, so I can’t wait to change school. But that’s the least of my worries.

Hello Mistral, how is your unborn child doing, yes I know that we humans call it a cub, but you don’t. Yes I know that people are watching us, but they are going to have to get use it, me talking with you. Don’t worry I am going to tell them that you want your children to live a free life, that you do not want them to be amusement slaves.

What am I doing father, why I am talking with this beautiful lady, who’s name by the way is not Sophie but Mistral. Please tell the zoo keepers that. And that they can put their guns down. ‘ I am quite safe’ .


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  1. Clever and touching, Michael.

    Couple of tiny typos, I think.
    ‘cub’, not ‘club’ in first line of second paragraph, and ‘to’ not ‘it’ just below.

      1. You know it’s funny how that works. Sometimes I feel like a piece I wrote isn’t so good or it failed to achieve what I wanted, but then it’s surprisingly popular. It’s hard to be certain how an artist’s work will be received.

  2. What a wonderful thought, that someone could actually speak with these creatures and help to make them understood. Although I imagine it would be hard to convince anyone you weren’t just crazy, if you could.

  3. Neat I love that the little child can communicate with the leopard, that they are friends. I hope the zookeepers, guards, etc. Can discover this connection and know the leopard does not mean to hurt the girl only wants someone to talk to her and understand.

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