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Photo copyright Jan Wayne Fields
Photo copyright Jan Wayne Fields

Richard saw the power boat heading into New York bay. Where it had come from or where it was going he could only imagine. He knew what would be happening if he was her captain. They would be heading east towards the lower bay for a days fishing, just like he used to do with his dad. As he squashed another flea, he wondered had he not turned to drink, then walked out on Pamula and the kids, might he have been going fishing today. As he stepped off the quay and felt the water close over him, he wondered …

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  1. Despairing… but maybe that cold water might wake him up to reality and he’ll swim up and try life again.

    Might check spelling on the first sentence, the word “imagine” instead of “imagining.” Should be stepped “off” the quay instead of “of” the quay. Take care of that, you’re home free.

    Great story, Mike.

    1. I am not sure where this story came from, I set out writing a very different piece. I also hope the shock of the water makes him fight for his life. Thank you for the corrections, it is appreciated. Mike

  2. Dear Michael,

    You captured that last moment of desperation well. I’m like Kent, I hope the cold water wakes him up to better options and a swim to safety.



  3. Life is full of “what-ifs,” but every day is a gift. That’s why they call it the present. Perhaps he’ll unwrap it and see that there is a beautiful new future inside.

  4. Good story, Mike. I also hope the cold water brings him to his senses and he fights for life. It sounds as though he has time to turn things around. Good writing. —- Suzanne

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