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Photo copyright: Sandra C
Photo copyright: Sandra Crook.

You have gone to far this time, we can not ignore what has happened, the poisoning of the oceans, the production of military hardware. That was bad, but to send your evil to our world, that is not exceptable. We have thought long and hard about what your punishment should be. Now that we have decided, you must face the consequences. We are determined to isolate you, so we have placed a blockade around your world.  Rather like the iron bands that enslave most of your worlds population. We will remove it when you see the light.


I struggled to find a flash story for this weeks prompt. For what I saw was an iron band surrounding a light globe. The thought [ globe ] saved the day when I thought of antique star globes. Frustratingly as I am writing this footnote I started thinking of stories centred on antique globes. Now that’s another story for me to try my hand at some point. It is strange how each photo prompt can stimulate a story given time. Thank you Sandra. …


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  1. That happens to me sometimes too, that the prompt takes me in one direction, and then later in a completely different one. Your take here is really interesting, the idea of a prison built around a whole planet like that — until we “see the light”, which of course would be cut off by the starglobe. (Unless you’re picturing it only being the iron bands?)

    1. So pleased to read your comment. I appreciate the ‘creatures of the night’. I enjoy walking my dog after nightfall. But one pitch dark night in 1958, I was startled nah frightened by a blast of heat from a dragon. Which it turned out was a simmering steam roller!

  2. What a great take on the prompt! I must say, those aliens sound like good guys from where I sit. They propose a just and proportionate consequence to our stupidity, namely that we should not be allowed to export it anywhere else.

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