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Guilty memories

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Photo copy curtsy of L Kreger /[caption]

Do you remember those days when we danced with joy. Since the happening, we shelter where we can. And pray that we are not trapped under rubble, or worse maimed like father was in the commercial war. At least that battle was localised and against international companies.

Now the whole world battles for survival. Earth quakes and tsunamis came first, then volcanos started erupting. Yes drilling for shale gas led to a massive magma chamber rupturing. Cascading explosions travelled around the world. No continent was spared. Armageddon has arrived. The age of man may be over.

Footnote: Sorry my muse was effected by issues in my locality…

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    1. 🙂 … unfortunately friends and family live only a couple of miles from the drilling site. It is not good. Then again it is only a brief moment in time since the last tremor shook the Craven Fault

  1. A very good write that speaks so very deeply of our world situation. It is sad to see the state to which we’ve fallen and continue to fall. Great writing this week, Michael. ~ Shalom, Bear

    1. Thank you for commenting Bear, I find it very sad to see the destructive human nature that devours our beautiful planet. However I still have hope that some form of natural balance can occur between humanity and nature.

    1. So pleased to read your feedback Iain. I understand that there is now to be an investigation into the tremors at the Blackpool fracking site. Perhaps common sense will finally arrive.

  2. They built a reservoir in the area near here and how there are mild earthquakes. All this drilling isn’t good. They could be drilling into trouble. I don’t even want to know what could happen but these companies need to be more careful. A good story and well written, Michael. —- Suzanne

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