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Two Thousand Pounds

Copyright Sandra Crook
Copyright Sandra Crook

Slow down Prewitt , slow down dog. Two thousand pounds that what I paid for you, and you go and scare the damned sheep. Now they will run and run until they reach the village. I should have kept my old dog, at least he never scared the sheep. Just wait till I see Raynard, he will sing a different tune when I ask for my money back. If necessary he will have to sell that car of his. That will serve him right for selling me a duff sheep dog. I will never trust someone from Rheims again.


Footnote: I have uploaded this second story, as I was trying to add the [ Blue inlinkz box ] to my post.  But I failed miserably. Any advise on how to add the box will be gratefully received. Mike

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  1. I agree about the voice in this story, Mike. The farmer should have had the stray dog my dad’s neighbors took in in the U.S. Someone dumped out the poor dog because she was going to have puppies . She was a sheep dog. A natural, she was herding my toddler. We laughed and laughed. She was a lovely dog and the neighbors loved her although they didn’t own sheep. I guess they’d given her puppies away as pets. Good writing. 🙂 — Suzanne

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