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The Reckoning

Photo copyrighted: Sandra Crook.
Photo copyrighted: Sandra Crook.

Rides Tall rested on Dawn Rider, around him the forest was totally silent. It is the Christian year 1020, which meant nothing to them. But what was important was the faint presence which had arrived in silence. It was if the merest whiff of wood smoke had touched them. Then Rides Tall saw the hazy shadow. Somehow he knew that it belonged to a elk who’s life he had taken as a young buck. Gently Rides Tall dismounted then sent Dawn Rider away. Whilst the spirit stood silently watching him. This former king of the forest required payment from the Mohawk.


I have just returned from a visit to New York State. The above story was penned whilst sitting on a veranda studying a dense area of forest. Thank you New York State. My thanks are also due to Sandra, for her photo of a oak tree enabled me to post the above story.

Although I still create stories for various sites, I have held back posting a some of them as I was not satisfied with what I managed to produce. I guess that sometimes we all find it hard sometimes to come up with something fresh.

An old warrior at Bolton Abbey
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    1. Thank you James, you have encouraged me to consider writing more around this area, which is similar to the genre of my two unpublished novel length stories. I do find that trees bring me closer to God

  1. A great selection for your MC’s name: Rides Tall. The nobility of the character comes bursting through without you having to write about it. Very vivid imagination in your piece, Michael. I quite enjoyed reading it.

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