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Photo prompt courtesy of Brenda Cox

The skill of communication can be challenging. For the inhabitants of Venus, to communicate means the using a bewildering array of colour. Yes communication on Venus is involved. A layer of sulphuric acid surrounding the planet has caused the planets surface to turn a white.

As the inhabitants of Venus love colour they use the chalk like surface of their world to paint transient images. Over millennia, all life on this world developed photographic memories, as the planets turbulent atmosphere means that these images are regularly blown away. That was, until earths interplanetary traders started delivering acrylic resin fixatives.

To see colour is a gift, we should protect the purity of our planet
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  1. Dear Michael,

    An interesting take on the prompt. Imaginative and artistic.



    PS If I may…it should be courtesy of Brenda Cox. A curtsy is a what a lady would do in meeting the queen.

    1. Sorry, that got all messed up. One of those Apple glitches with the track pad. Should have read, “And yes, color is a wonderful gift. I can’t imagine not being able to see it, with everything being in shades of black and grey.

      1. Linda, I have many glitches when it comes to computers, however without the help of a computer I would not be able to read about Zing and Zang or enter the wonderful world of Friday Fictioneers,

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