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On a cold night

Prompt this week is an interesting painting by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

It’s a long hard walk on a winters evening from Burnley to Waterfoot, so you can imaging the smile on my face, when I saw the traditional chippy was still open. I order a Holland’s meat and potato pie, a portion of chips and a tub of mushy pea’s… Salt?. To right Darling… I am not your darling sonny… No, but I would like you to be. How about joining me for a drink or two after you finish. See you at the Blue Bell pub?…cheeky monkey, you need to grow a bit yet. I will see you at school tomorrow.

WordPress is gave me a hard time today, …so if I could I would visit Tuscany to relax and taste some great Italian foods

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  1. Wry style — great fun…lots of security getting here, rejected a few times and could not finish comment before being told to pass through test again…

  2. Lovely nostalgic read. How well I remember stopping at the chippy for six penn’orth of chips – shared between two of us. I loved your slant, with the last line put down!

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