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Hard Times

Photo prompt curtsy of Dale Rogerson

Scissors please Kerry, if we take a slice from the tail, we can use it to turn and remake the collar. Then we will reverse the cuffs. Can you thread the needle dear, my eyes are not what they used to be. You know when I started training as a seamstress, they made me spend the first six months picking up pins from the floor, then the next six months I spent threading needles. Now I know why… Thats a job well done, Kerry. Parcel it up in brown paper and string Micheal. …That’s one shilling and six pence, Mr Brown.

Wishing every one a happy and prosperous new year.
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  1. Dear Michael,

    Needles have gotten much harder to thread than they used to be. I enjoyed this well-stitched piece.



  2. I too was hoping that it wasn’t the lovely dog’s tail that was to be cut off. Great story, I do that too sometimes because I hate throwing clothes away that only need small repairs.

  3. Lovely story of times gone by. You caught the satisfied mood that comes with being a master of your craft, especially when you’re introducing others to the techniques.

    1. Thank you Jilly, turning cuffs and collars, just seemed normal. It was recycling at its best, when items were totally worn out we turned them into rag rugs, whilst left over scraps where made into draft excluders or pin cushions… I hope that you have a good new year

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