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Fly Soup

Prompt photo from Dale Rogerson Safa weaved a fine mesh. She needed mesh for her face mask. Mesh stood a chance of keeping the thickening soup of insects from entering her lungs. But now there was another enemy. Gossamer like…

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Silence Darling

Unknown photographer…Artist Rochelle Mum are you sure this is safe. Hannah said her grandfather thinks having a photograph taken, opens your soul to the devil. Its alright darling, I know a really nice artist called Rochelle, and she will put…

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Photo prompt Dear Brother I have arrived. The bishop had his way. The congregation here are not happy. They are a free church and had the power to appoint their own Vicar. The last incumbent here, was hoisted out of…

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Just thinking

Photo provided by Liz Young.. Henrietta relaxed allowing herself to float in the zero gravity of her sleeping chamber. She still found it hard to sleep without any contact with a firm surface. Worse still her sleeping chamber was not…

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Photo copyright Sandra Crook. . Once again the farmers are playing games, I was expecting to attend a village fete today. Then the farmers decided to hold a rally to protest about the ban on using diesel in tractors. The…

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