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Cold Tears

Photo curtsy of Na’ama Yehuda Tears freeze like diamonds. Everyone had expected global warming. But what came was a new ice age, as the sun faded. Solar panels froze over, wind turbines shattered in the extreme cold. Humanity went deep.…

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So cold

Photo prompt curtsy of J Hardy Yesterday the government informed the country, that we the people must no longer burn coal. At the railway yard, there are several piles of coal. All are white washed. You approach with two younger…

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Prompt curtsy of Brenda Cox I have observed fledging trees breaking the surface of the earth. Many continue as teenagers. Unfortunately I will not be able to follow them to their old age.They are at risk. Just observe the farmland…

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Prompt curtsy of Miles Rost. Please be aware that this story may be unsettling Lord Vull recounted the day a giant green comet crash into the sun. The resulting solar storm smashed three of Saturn’s smaller moons. Then it went…

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