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In the Zone

Prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

I am sat out side a well known coffee house, all around me people and dogs are chattering. Thousands of stories are drifting past me,. yet I do not feel able to tell even one. Indeed today my surroundings feel like being in an ant colony. It seems as if no one has time to stop and take a deep breath. I take a swig of my latte and leave. Today was one of those moments, when reflection and my garden sent my muse to sleep…

Rest in peace my old friend
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  1. If the muse was sleeping she certainly left you with a dream – this piece is such a common slice of feeling in a crowd.

    Beautiful dog! That photo is so full of personality and energy. I’m sorry s/he is no longer wagging with you.


  2. Dear Micheal,

    Perhaps your muse is on holiday. Yet this piece is beautifully written. Well done.



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