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A Bed Time Story, from Old Ireland

Prompt photograph from Lisa Fox.

Now listen son, I told you do not fly at night, for you might fly into a dragon…

The dragon turned the heat down, for he did not relish roast bird. No true vegetarian dragon did. He switched off his furnace, then blew out his tubes so hard that the north wind rattled every tree in Ireland.
However the bird stayed put, just a single tiny feather appeared to remind the dragon of the birds irritating presence. As the dragon breathed in deeply, another bird arrived. Singing, please sir let my son go, he meant no harm.
Indeed Mam I would like nothing better than to send he on his way. Please do call him… The dragon opened his mouth wide, and the mother sang a song of love. And a red breasted Robin was born…

From one of my stories for children.
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  1. Ah! This is how children’s stories should really be, vegetarian dragons and brave birds. Loved it!

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