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Who and why

Prompt provided by David Stewart

Drenched by rain, their faces obscured. Faint and smudged images of hands waving. I found myself asking who and why should I save. The giant unsinkable liner was slowly sinking beneath the oceans surface. If I failed to act an individual was going to die. As I look back over my life, thousands of faces appear, each belonging to people that, if I could, I would apologise to. Now I had to save a life for someone else. Aristotle believed that every individual had the potential for greatness. I plunged beneath the waves and pushed her up into the lifeboat.

If you where able to speak to just one individual from the past, who would it be. Maybe Shakespeare or Aristotle… what would they make of todays society…?
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  1. A hero is an angel and I thank God for every one that has crossed my path. Not sure who I’d want to talk with from the past. Too many to choose just one.

  2. Dear Michael,

    Life is full of tough choices. He’ll always be a hero in her eyes.



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