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A reflection on life

Prompt provided by Roger Bultot

This week I started to write a story, but I could not fined the words to finish it. Took me right back to my childhood. … Don’t get me wrong, I had a great family and ran wild. Fabulous memories. But if I had been born into another family or even a different country. Who might I have become or what might I have done. I dread to think…

But back to the task in hand… I scribbled my way through school and my working days. During that period in my life I could not string words together, it was frustrating.

Visiting Berlin. I am rather philosophical at the moment. The back ground of this photo matches the thoughts that I had tried to put on Friday Fictioneers this week.
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  1. As I’ve traveled wide, I have often asked myself the same questions. What if… Nicely penned reflective thoughts, Michael.

  2. I know what you mean, life has been hectic at work lately, and finding time and headspace to construct a story…the lantern on the table photo prompt, I had nothing. My Muse laughed and ran away. But she must be back now…yay! As soon as I looked at the playground scene I immediately thought of the playground I took my two kids to at Tahunanui Beach, Nelson, NZ. But my story about Simon wouldn’t work there…its a snake-free nation!

  3. Yet, what a story it was. It’s something we all, I think, ponder at times. What if we were born to someone else, or somewhere else? How would our lives be different? If we could go back and make different choices, would we? Would we make different choices? Probably not.

  4. Dear Michael,

    Ironically you managed to find a story in your own history. Nicely done.



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