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Prompt copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The Rev Sidebottom was unsure how to proceed. He had found a small cottage. His congregation had said goodbye. He could sink into obscurity, trivia could become his speciality. His first thought had been to complete his memoir’s. However his days as an agent meant that he had signed the secret service act. Every thing he wrote must remain unread. So he turned each page of writing into a spill. As the spills burnt, his memories drifted up into the ether. Tomorrow he would use the oil lamps for target practice. Then he would bury his Walther PPK, the Dementia could wait…

Church Viking Burnsall
A dales church

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  1. I like the stream of consciousness feel to this as he weighs his options. I also like the idea of a secret agent using the cloth as undercover. Who better to learn secrets from but his parishioners.

  2. Ah, the spy who can’t remember… or soon won’t. A sad story but it sounds like a fully lived life until then, some stories just keep challenging me

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