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Buster learns about Fear

Photo prompt curtsy of Yinglan
Photo prompt curtsy of Yinglan

Now Buster was crossing unknown land, land with red flags fluttering, but Buster cannot see red. So the sound of guns being fired startled him. When a second volley sounded, Buster travelled back in time to a moment before he was saved from drowning. He saw grey figures shooting sheep. One by one the sheep fell to the ground, never to move again.
As the sheep were loaded onto a tractor, Buster felt heat, then he knew fear as a giant funeral pyre devoured animal after animal. But who needs puppies on a farm being destroyed by Foot and Mouth desease.

Buster recalled the silence after the men left. Later he heard the farmer arguing with his wife. Buster recalled the sound of two more gun shots, then silence returned again to the farm.
As another volley of gun fire sounded Buster went to ground, and waited for silence to return.


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