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Watching from afar

Prompt curtsy of Penny Gadd
Prompt curtsy of Penny Gadd

So much variety you are amazing creatures but so deadly. Yes I watch from afar, for you are my stock in trade. My teacher said just sit and study them, there is such variety. They may drive you mad, but do not let on, and you might learn, for they offer abundant material for the budding writer.

Me …? Well I am many legged and have the most beautiful patterned coat, yes I am deadly when hunger calls. But then that is true for all. But for now I watch, but if I bite you, you may dance the Tarantella.

Latte time
Latte time
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  1. This story is creepy and the idea is good.
    You really should use Grammarly, Michael – it will help you with your punctuation, which will help your readers enjoy your stories even more – because they are good. You have said you have trouble with it. I use Grammarly myself! Just a thought, for you to take or leave.

  2. Nice riddle. Im guessing a black widow, though the first paragraph led me to believe your narrator was a human student of Arachnids, and the last line suggested tarantula.

    Learning that he, himself, was a member of that class made me think how believable this was, for what else would a spider do with his time, but think and observe and philosophize?

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