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The Wrong Command

Photo copyright R Wisoff Fields
Photo copyright R Wisoff Fields

Zorran turned towards James and indicated that he should enter an empty cell. James lifted his gun. Zorran smiled and the gun disappeared. In this moment of theatre Spock used his Vulcan nerve pinch on Zorran. Around the room lights dimmed and doors opened. James smelt fetid air and saw pulsating tubes. Then he heard Spock command the craft to return him to Shakespeare’s Theatre.

Unfortunately James found himself standing on a stage in the year 1606. Two dim lights lit the scene and Lady Macbeth lay dead at his feet. A dagger touched James throat. Where was Spock when you needed him.




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  1. Dear Michael,

    A bit disjointed story of time travel. If I didn’t know from the last story I wouldn’t have a clue that this James was 007. Imaginative story, nonetheless.



    1. No need to wait, I had to finish the story and get it out of my head. So posted it today on FF, Sorry about the ending, I will be rather frustrated with myself, if a better ending turns up later.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts on this story. I had to finish the flow of this group of stories. to get it out of my thoughts. So have posted another story this week called Depicting Images, I am uneasy however about the way I have finished this group of stories

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