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Clapperboard Shot One

Prompt from Sandra Crook

The buildings appeared pressed together, the nearest a smithy radiated hammer blows. A small structure fed by an overhead rope way was receiving buckets of ore. A hefty hawk eyed fellow drifted nonchalantly in my direction. I noted that he was swinging a substantial hammer. ‘What ye want here, y’d best bugger off… if the boss see’s thee, y’d be falling into the stone crusher. It appears that my family may have gone rogue. Morality never featured high in their business dealings. Fingering a loaded blunderbuss, I stopped, as my twin brother appeared. ‘The new film’s going well I see’…

Limehouse Lane Carleton
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    1. Thank you Penny, my muse got rather tangled with this story, so the backers of the film have withdrawn their backing… My ability to comment often trips me up too. But such is life

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