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Waiting for the phone call

Photo copyright: Enisa
Photo copyright: Enisa

She wondered had the deed been done; was Jim toast. She had carefully picked two ex-military rejects in need of cash. She had spent a little on upgrading their skills. As she had wanted Jim to die as he watched his pride and joy burn around him.
If the two assassins wanted their cash they were out of luck, for her girl friend had disabled their parachutes. Dacia had always loved manipulating individuals. Now she would teach Jessie never to trust again. For Dacia had never loved Jessie, just used her. Love, what was love but a tool to be used. She was looking forward to her plan for Jessie. Dacia’s two pet wolfs were hungry, Dacia had seen to that.

Footnote: My apologies if I am late in replying to comments. Just for the next week I will have less time available than usual.

Mike attempting to  write.
Mike attempting to write.
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    1. With hind sight the story could have done with only one assassin, Dacia. But we write what we write. I like that you saw a different overcome, it made me think about varying options for Dacia’s future. Mike

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