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Transitioning Jeb

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Photo copyright: Dawn Miller.

The lack of hair and the ring of red tattoos around his eyes marked him out as a seer. But his sort of seeing was banned, instinctively he knew that he was in danger, yet he could not remember why. Even his name was lost to him. Looking about him everything seemed alien. The lighting, the pathways, the grab of the people. Then he saw the plane. It was minus its wings and speeding towards him on shimmering rails. As it drifted to a halt alongside him, he spotted a woman, at least he thought she was a woman, but she was totally covered in some form of cascading light. He felt himself being lifted, hovering, then he was alongside her. For a moment he felt a calmness that he recognised, then he was being transported, returned to his cell. The old images came back, verdant rolling grasslands and a ranch. But it was false, a memory from a thousand years ago. From when he had been a pilot in 2017. The aliens had him back.

Getting away
Getting away: … That is also why my story is late this week – I have just arrived back home from Berlin.
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