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Why won’t they let us go

Photo copyrighted:
Photo copyrighted: C E Ayr

Why why have they done this to us, mother. I cannot move my feet, or feel my body. I feel like I am drifting in space. A strange alien space, full of dark moving shadows, which seem to be watching me, even wanting to touch me. Mother where are we, I can’t feel the presences of the rest of our family and I can’t smell the ground.

She who was in charge of us, said when we die, we drift on the wind until we reach the elephants spiritual home. This place can’t be it, for it is so sterile and so cold. Please spiritual mother take me and my mother to our home world. I know the hunters bullets struck us, as I felt the pain, and heard my mother cry. Now I want to drift with my mother in the clouds till we reach our ancestral home land. Pleased let us go.

Mike attempting to  write.
Mike attempting to write.
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