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Running on Empty

Photo copyright: Susan Spaulding
Photo copyright: Susan Spaulding

I just knew that it was just going to be one of those days when the rope parted. All had gone too well up to that point. My two passengers seemed far to relaxed. Their request that we took off so late in the day should have caused me to ask more questions, but I needed the work.

Cash had been in short supply since the divorce. Maggie had well and truly fleeced me. What really hurt me was that my one and only fling with Jenny had been just a one night event between two lonely individuals. Whilst with Maggie, her flings lasted months, and she had had plenty of them. But I had loved her and so kept turning a blind eye to what she was getting up to.

Her solicitor had run rings round mine. So that the judge came down heavy on me. I had been surprised that Maggie had allowed me to keep the hot air balloon. Now I knew why: for as my balloon reached it cruising height, one of my passengers pulling a gun on me, whilst his colleague set fire to the balloons envelope. Then shouting, Maggie sends her love, they departed.

Coffee and conversation at Filmore and Union
Coffee and conversation at Filmore and Union
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    1. Sadly she is just a gold digger, but she and the two assassins she employed did not count on her husbands new past time. He was wearing a home made BASE jump suit. I believe that he will take out the two assassins as they slowly drift downwards below their parachutes

    1. Sadly they were prepared, as they were wearing the lastest designed emergency parachutes under their jackets. However there intended victim has rescently taken up BASE jumping using a wing suit. So the two assassins are in for a shock

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