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Visiting Roa Island

 Copyright Ying
Photo Copyright Yinglan Z

I thought I was returning to familiar haunts, but it was not so, for the familiar was sidelined. I was to observed the splendour of nature as I discovered an area of untrammelled beauty whilst traveling the coastal road to Roa Island. Just for a short while it felt as if I was looking through a time portal into an enchanted realm.

In the far distance across a the wind swept sea channel stood Piel castle. Now I was in a landscape without people, all around me the paraphernalia of humanity appeared to lay abandoned. Whilst to the north the vast structure of Barrows nuclear submarine shed glittered, but I was driven to take shelter in the Bosun’s Locker Cafe by the ferocious wind. Lunch called. Sorting out my accommodation could wait, even if I had to sleep in a trailer tent.



Michael Humphris.


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