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The Return

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Johns flight was early, so he took a bus from airport, he still arrived early at Mays apartment block. However the janitor recognised him and let him in. “She be right pleased to see you John, she’s been telling me all about your work with the Antarctic Foundation, she’s right proud of you, she’s a great girl”. Looking around Mays two roomed apartment John saw a note resting on the table ‘ Dear John if you are home before me make yourself a meal. I am on a late turn at the hospital, back about ten thirty. Love May’. John slipped the ring back into his pocket.

Sardines on toast it is then, if its good enough for Penguins its good enough for me.  But first John reached for the bottle of Antare, then fetched two glass, now where did May keep the candles?


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  1. “If it’s good enough for the Penguins then it is good enough for me.” Hahaha! I had to laugh! Sounds like he is planning on a romantic dinner, albeit with sardines, with May to ask her to marry him! Lovely story, Michael!

    1. John really hopes that she will. With this prompt I really meant to write about cooking a meal but failed, for me the pantry was under stocked! I like to throw all sorts of things into a meal!

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