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The flag

Photo prompt curtsy of
Photo prompt curtsy of Jade Wong

High on a flag pole flutters a flag. Once its emblem stood for warfare. Many where doomed by this standard, when lords and bishops roamed under it. Today it still casts a shadow, but the lords and bishops have been ousted by financiers and capitalist barons. Drovers have been replaced by motorised chariots, cobblers by food banks, charities flourish.

In a doorway lies a homeless man. In a bank a hungry child cries. Depression floats like treacle in the air. The flag flaps in despair, bending to the wind of change. Yes a white rose flutters in the wind, as cold stones speak of deeds in the past.

I wonder had Wordsworth’s “White Doe” not been beheaded, how different a tale might these stones tell. Had the Rising of the North succeeded, the white and red roses may have joined together. Such a joining may have ousted the power house that is London. Allowing more balance within these fabled lands. But that door was closed in 1587.

I apologize to my regular readers, at the present time I am struck in a rather philosophical grove. I hope to return soon to my more usual style of fiction.

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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    1. Reena, I am glad to see your comment. Yesterday I saw the shadow of a flag, which set me thinking. You are right that there is a great deal of fact and history in “The Flag”. I was attempting to put a philosophical twist on this flash post. However as soon as I had posted it, I felt unhappy with it. But as they say, the deed was done.

  1. We write what we feel Michael, so how can any of it be in error? The mind needs this opportunity to clear out feelings and organize the thoughts. Write what you write and we will enjoy accordingly!

    1. It is kind of you to say so. As I read more about history, I understand the limits of my knowledge. Yesterday evening I attended a talk about the Commonwealth War Graves. Fascinating but also so sad.

  2. Nice story. Has much changed from days of Lords and Bishops to present day capitalist barons? One used to kill with sword, the other kills by piling on debt. Poor were helpless then, as they are now.

  3. No need to apologize Michael. Stories have a life of their own. Only a writer can understand that writers have absolutely no control over what they are writing. If something wants to come out, it WILL come out even if it has to kill you in the process 🙂

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