Please Hurry

Photo copyright: A Mixed Bag

Photo copyright: A Mixed Bag


In theory Monday was the Reverend’s day off, but Mrs McDuffy answered the phone.

‘Hello – The Vicarage’.

Silence greeted Mrs McDuffy

‘Hello – The Vicarage’

‘Please please send  someone to 49 Back Water St, our mam is dying, we need the.’  Click.

Reverend Sidebottom – ‘Who was that Mrs McDuffy’.

‘Someone who is very ill at Back Water St, Reverend’

‘Did you get a name’

‘No Sorry’

‘Very ill did you say’

‘Yes at number 49’

‘you had better fetch me the communion case, whilst I get my coat’

‘Hello Vicar, it is kind of you to call. I was just about to feed the children, but please come in.’

‘Mrs McDuffy – that phone call’

‘Yes Reverend’

‘It was a child’ – ‘Yes Reverend’ – ‘ A very young child’ – Yes Reverend’ – ‘You heard Mam’ – ‘I think so’ – ‘It couldn’t have been Mouse?’

‘O dear Reverend, the television was on – the theme music for Dr Who, it is so loud’.

Switching on the camera

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  1. J.A. Prentice

    At least the mouse got his last rites. Great story!

    1. Michael Humphris

      That’s true, thank you for comments

  2. Sunday Fiction

    Good story Michael. I wonder if there is something more sinister going on in the background though.

    1. Michael Humphris

      Good point, perhaps Mrs McDuffy wanted the Reverend out of the house for some reason.

  3. Keith's Ramblings

    I too can’t help but wonder if there’s more going on here than you are telling us!

    Who’s there? My short story

    1. Michael Humphris

      Good point, perhaps Mrs McDuffy wanted the Reverend out of the house for some reason. Your story the cup runs over was quite sad, I hope your character gets a reward.

  4. Varad

    Oh, Mrs. McDuffy! Looks like she has to contend with one unimpressed Vicar.

    1. Michael Humphris

      It does seem like that, but only time will tell, thank you Varad

  5. ceayr

    I have to confess, Michael, that this lost me at the end.

    1. Michael Humphris

      I do understand, my writing does not suit a conversational style. But I am trying to develope a couple of characters. Not sure how it will turn out. Appreciated your feedback.

  6. EagleAye

    Haha! Maybe time to turn down the TV set. What if Godzilla was playing? 😉 Cool story!

    1. Michael Humphris
  7. athling2001

    Hope the Reverend has a sense of humor:)

    1. Michael Humphris

      He is young enough to remember his own childhood.

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