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Please Hurry

Photo copyright: A Mixed Bag
Photo copyright: A Mixed Bag


In theory Monday was the Reverend’s day off, but Mrs McDuffy answered the phone.

‘Hello – The Vicarage’.

Silence greeted Mrs McDuffy

‘Hello – The Vicarage’

‘Please please send  someone to 49 Back Water St, our mam is dying, we need the.’  Click.

Reverend Sidebottom – ‘Who was that Mrs McDuffy’.

‘Someone who is very ill at Back Water St, Reverend’

‘Did you get a name’

‘No Sorry’

‘Very ill did you say’

‘Yes at number 49’

‘you had better fetch me the communion case, whilst I get my coat’

‘Hello Vicar, it is kind of you to call. I was just about to feed the children, but please come in.’

‘Mrs McDuffy – that phone call’

‘Yes Reverend’

‘It was a child’ – ‘Yes Reverend’ – ‘ A very young child’ – Yes Reverend’ – ‘You heard Mam’ – ‘I think so’ – ‘It couldn’t have been Mouse?’

‘O dear Reverend, the television was on – the theme music for Dr Who, it is so loud’.

Switching on the camera

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