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Jack in the Box

Copyright Madson Woods
Copyright Madson Woods

My hell hole, a solitary candle lit it’s straight jacket dimensions, every time the earth trembled I wondered if it would become my coffin.  I picked my team, ex-game keepers and Fred.

We had found nothing.  I was about to tell Fred to take out the enemy observer, when I felt the earth lift. Naked and thrown like a leaf, I was caressed by waves of pressure.

I have no idea how long I lay unconscious, or who removed me from the crater, or of my stay in a field hospital. Till the electric shock hit my brain. I survived ? …


In memory of Fred and so many others who saw action in the Great War.

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  1. It seems historical fiction is the theme of the week for this photo. I love your take. The Great War was truly horrifying, and so many of the men that went through it would have questioned how they got out alive.

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