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Understanding the Air

If the air could talk. Yet it may. Perhaps I do not hear. Perhaps to listen I need to use differing senses.
Air bathes everything I know. It appears to nurse good and evil equally. But the giver of life can be stripped away.  Yesterday in Beirut the whole world saw how neglect nurses evil. I pray for humanity to wake and tackle wrong.
For despite the inter connectivity of the computer, the world seems strangely less connected. 
In these modern times, the media seems to be locking deep thinkers away.  

Prompt photograph curtsy of Jennifer Pendergast

Footnote. At the present time I am rather preoccupied with daily life. And I cannot get WordPress to send a ‘like’ response. However I enjoy reading many of the posts. At the present time giving feedback, is beyond my ability. Mike

Visiting Berlin

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  1. We usually don’t think about the air that supports us. Seeing the water vapor get squeezed out of the air in that blast in Beirut was horrifying…

    Not about the story, but I think the link you left on the linkup is bad – it took me to your home page. I clicked a link off of it to find my way here.

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