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Giant at large

Photo curtsy of J H
Photo curtsy of Jean L Hays

Who would build a house in such a jumble of rocks. Certainly not me. When I started building my dream home on this ridge, it was covered in grass and wild flowers. I thought that I had found paradise. How wrong was I.

Within a week of my starting to build, the first jagged rock arrived in the middle of the night. There after, each night another rock would turn up. I built fires and placed burning torches all around but never caught sight of my nemesis. How was I to know the land belonged to a giant ogre.

Visiting Berlin
Visiting Berlin
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  1. Dear Michael,

    Thanks to the media, when I think of ogres I think of Shrek. 😉 An ogre’s land is not a place to homestead, is it? Nicely done.



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