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Travelling high up

Photo copyright Jean L Hays

Dolphin wondered what it would be like to fly like a Albatross.
She regularly asked questions of her parents. Only this morning when they had been gliding past a diver she had asked her mother why humans needed such strange skins. Then she asked why humans visited rusty old shipwrecks. Her father had called her a chatterbox. But she knew that the Seagulls were the only chatterboxes. Their incessant chattering irritated everyone, even the grumpy old Octopus who lived in a cave. And the Octopus had a beak that chattered a lot . Yes fathers did not know everything. Even if he was the one who had chased the Octopus away when it tried to grab her.

A fine day at Mevagissey
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    1. Thank you Na’ama. My inspiration came from a similar story that I wrote for Friday Fictioneers last week. A story about a owl and a hedgehog, but sadly I failed to post it. Hopefully I will be able to use it at some point

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