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Dereliction of Duty

This weeks writing prompt for the Friday Fictioneers site, is a photograph from Piya Singh.

Copyright Piya Singh
Copyright Piya Singh: Duty

Young Amos had worked hard below Hebden Moor to earn a living as a lead miner. Yesterday his friend Tobias had found him dead. Whilst unconscious in the door of the managers office lay Jeremiah another mine worker. Of the mines manager, there was no sign. As it was pay day, the manager should have been present.

Worse the wheel which slowed the flow of water from the tarn and so stopped it from flooding the mine had been tampered with, allowing water to enter the mine uncontrolled.

Now Tobias found himself locked up in the jail at Grassington. Charged with: Dereliction of Duty. To protect the mine and its payroll.



Foot Note

It has come to my notice that Tobias was sent to the assizes at York, but before he could be tried, he was given into the hands of a naval press gang. He now resides in Chile after being shipwrecked on the Chilean coast. Tobias married and now manages a gold mine. His oldest son has recently written to me, as he intends to visit England and prove his fathers innocence.



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  1. Are we near Hebden Bridge here? Picture certainly looks right, doesn’t it? An intriguing set up – I wonder if Tobias will be found guilty?

    1. It certainly does, however the Hebden I had in mind is a couple of miles from Grassington. It is a village with fond memories for me, I was a regular in the Clariden Pub in the 1970s.! Tobias is being used as a scapegoat by the mines senior management.

    1. Sadly so far it has not, he was sent to the assizes at Leeds then transferred to York, were the Navy press gang somehow were allowed to get hold of him. He is now on the high sea, somewhere off the coast of Chile.

    1. Thank you, it did take me quite a while to sort out where I was going with this story, at times for me it did not flow to well. So I am pleased that you grew to like it.

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