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Travelling Light

Photo prompt curtsy of Roger Bultot

The tee shirt says it all, said Lord Votemore, “just do it”. You called at my world to grab it’s riches. Now the federation of Saturn’s life forms wish to visit your fascinating planet. The gaseous sprites will love tracing the various hieroglyphics from the current Chinese to the ancient Egyptian. Even the Viking runes will fascinate them. I will of course control their more energetic behaviours, they really can be trusted you know. Unlike their offspring.
Now to the matter of access to your interplanetary technology…. On Saturn we used thermal drifting. Now…………

Sprites can take any form, but they love appearing as stars. Saturn’s dragon lords are mature sprites.

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  1. I’ve learned a lot about Saturn today. It’s not what I imagined. It’s nice they’re coming to learn about our planet. Let’s avoid any intragalactic misunderstandings.

  2. Nice take on the prompt, Michael – very imaginative. I like the way you show us the sprites.

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