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The Sprites of Saturn, visit New York

Photo prompt curtsy of Na’ama Yehuda

A sprite is a small electrically charged being, with the ability to attract gaseous elements which coalesce with it. As sprites develop they undergo radical changes. They develop more body mass and transform into small star shaped beings. With time they gain strong reasoning abilities along with shape shifting skills. In a century of our time they learn how to metamorphosis into dragons. However it can take them a millennium to gain enough skills to become a dragon lord. After earths failed harvesting of Saturn’s chemicals, the sprites have the right to visit Earth

A newly formed sprite, bathing in Saturn’s golden rainbow of gaseous matter.
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  1. I am fairly certain that I do not like the sound of this. But, it is still a fun, imaginative story. Hopefully I won’t be around when the dragon lords get here, and that is something I tell myself every day. 😉

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