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Homes for Heroes

Prompt curtsy of Ted Strutz

The government said that it must be so. Start building homes for the returning hero’s. But it takes a lot of skill to construct communities. You can’t just plant houses. You need a thriving store, a great school, places to meet and chat. And above all varied employment opportunities.

As the trucks lumbered in with their ungainly loads, the local population moved out. No one wanted to rub shoulders with the radioactive oddities that returned from the Saturn debacle. Earth had failed to defeat the dragon lords of Saturn. Now those same lords demanded recuperative homes on earth.

A report on the earthlings by a dragon lord
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  1. Nice bit of misdirection, Michael. I don’t think inter-communal relations are going to go smoothly here. I’d advise the Saturnians to wipe the Earth clean

  2. Creative sci-fi story.
    If aliens do land up, they are going to either use humans as slaves or just wipe off the entire population and enjoy all the raw-materials for themselves.

  3. Great twist Michael. Hopefully by the time we’re attacking Saturn, we’ll have learned how to treat veterans properly and realised how to build communities better!

  4. Your title had me expecting a story about WW2, and the use of prefabs to house returning servicemen. It was much more fun to read about Dragon Lords!

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