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Trapped Image

Photo Copyright: Louise of the story tellers abode.

Sated the group moved off along the steeply sloping beach, the more experienced members of the tribe wondered where she would led them to next.

A young club slipped on the wet pebbles, soon the youngest members of the tribe were at play, jumping and sliding. A young male found himself standing knee deep in the sea, as he stood still wondering at his new experience. He felt the warmth of the ocean, and saw several fish swimming near his feet. Then he felt the cuff around his ears as their leader called for the tribe to move on. She stood glowering at him so he stepped back, the attack was swift, only he saw the wide open jaw’s and the razor sharp teeth. He screamed as a shower of blooded seawater covered him. Then the tribes leader was gone. For a moment time stood still for the tribe, then the attack started.


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