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The international press and a wee dram

Photograph curtsy of
Photograph curtsy of Yarnspinnerr

Relaxing at Cameron Lodge, Shara allowed her thoughts to return to last night. As an amateur astronomer she had taught herself to look for the unexpected. But seeing a amber dragon with the ability of a chameleon was beyond the bizarre.

Shara’s mobile pinged, it was Louise, there had been another sighting. Could Shara drive down to Loch Tay, a resident at the village of Killin had contacted Louise about a dog. A dog with all the attributes of Buster. So although the international Press where all over Loch Ness. Shara packed her belongings and set out for the village of Killin.

As she reached the Falls of Dochart, Shara was stopped in her tracks, by a group of excited villagers. Whilst camera’s clicked, Shara enquired what all the fuss was about. A grisly old gamekeeper smiled then told her that there was a dragon drinking from the river. “And no miss I have not been at the bottle, but if you don’t mind I think that I need a wee dram now”.


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    1. I was so pleased to read your feedback, I have too many ideas for stories about Buster. Enough to fill a book, I will have to prune many of them, or my flash posts will get set into a pattern.

    1. Thank you Iain, I have very many ideas for stories about Busters life. Perhaps enough to fill a book. I will have to prune most them, or my flash posts will get set into somewhat of a rigid pattern.

    1. It is real good at being a chameleon, the dragons ability to reconfigure its skin colouring means that photography’s just don’t show it. I do wonder if the dragon will make regular appearances in my stories about Buster.

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