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Photo copyright: Enisa
Photo copyright: Enisa


Still carrying the mental scars from his encounter with Lord Emreht, Boijim was not sure if he had done right agreeing to the recall to serve, yet earths need was great. Space pilots where thin on the ground since the battle with the dragons of Titan. As Boijim left the shuttle terminus he found himself thinking about his last battle with Emreht. Emreht had come at Boijim from out of the glare of Saturn’s rings. Boijim shivered as he recalled the freezing of his escape pod. But why freeze it. Boijim wondered why had Emreht not sent the escape pod spiralling down to Saturn to be crushed.

Now that question would never be answered, for Emreht and his Queen Aileme were no more, they had both died in last years battle for control of Titan. Earths forces had been routed, but not before Queen Aileme’s palace had been destroyed.

Now the new queen of Titan was striking back at earth. She had placed replica’s of Emrehts and Ailemes tombstones at every earth spaceport. Explosive replica’s.

Word count 175

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  1. Wow! The scope of this is just enormous. There’s a whole novel in this one just “scratching” to get out. I truly love this. Perhaps you’ll consider expanding on the idea. A short story at least.

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