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Wondering if they would go hungry again today she signalled the tribe to gather. Then using her badge of office she mapped out the route to the beach. Usually it was hard to get total agreement, but hunger had weakened resistance to her iron rule. Personal items were gathered up and camp was broken. Following her they approached the worn rut to the beach. The screams of thousands of diving sea birds, tested everyone to the limit. Razor sharp bills threatened anyone who tried to take an egg. Reaching the beach the tribe attacked the molluscs. Sated they moved on.

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  1. neilmacdon

    I was there on that beach

  2. rochellewisoff

    Dear Michael,

    You captured the hunger and the thrill of the hunt.



  3. jellico84

    Reminds me of “Clan of the Cave Bears” or maybe one of the “People of the…(Earth, sky, sea,etc)” series. It would be an excellent start to a pre-historic write. Loved the read! 🙂 <3

  4. Sandra

    Very dramatic. Well done.

    1. Michael Humphris

      Thank you, I wondered what life might have been like prior to oral language, and records

  5. Al

    I like that

    1. Michael Humphris

      Thank you, I find it really interesting what the prompt brings out in writers.

      1. Al

        It is amazing the different ways people see the images.

  6. Björn Rudberg (brudberg)

    I do like the tone of this… so real and how it must have been hunting for food. Maybe we are in reality more scavengers… and not every enemy was a cave-bear

    1. Michael Humphris

      Thank you very much Bjorn, I find it interesting to see what the prompt delivers. For a brief moment I was on a artic beach, then the writer in me slipped back to a warmer climate,

  7. gahlearner

    A great scene of hunter-gatherers’ harsh lives. Their hunger and need, the hardship, it all feels very real.

  8. Clare Hempstead

    You describe the feelings of hunger and fear superbly.

  9. rgayer55

    Great writing, Michael. I’ve often wondered what it must have been like for early man waking up each morning wondering not what–but if–you were going to eat that day. You captured it brilliantly.

  10. spicedmullings

    Very nice.
    Yours illustrates what mine sets forth!

    1. Michael Humphris

      It was interesting to consider the two parallelims. Mike

  11. yarnspinnerr

    That is brilliantly done.

    1. Michael Humphris

      Thank you, that is a kind comment. Mike

  12. The Writer's Village

    wasps are like that?

    1. Michael Humphris

      Thank you for your very kind comment, I was pleased with my response to this prompt, often I am not. It is nice when a piece of writing works. Mike

  13. lingeringvisions by Dawn

    Scary stuff!

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