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Trading with the Enemy

Photo Copyright: the Story Tellers Abode
Photo Copyright: the Story Tellers Abode

With traces of dried blood adorning their hulls the ashmen inched up the river. The natives watched from afar, events over the last decades had taught them to be very careful when the sea pirates appeared. Gunnar saw them but did not worry, for this time he intended to stay, and to create a place of trade. When he saw the ruined city and the open land bordering the forest of Galtres, he knew Freya smiled on him. The other two longships followed the Dawn-raider to the river bank, and Yorvik was born. This time Gunner sent the thrall Aldred on land first, not a warrior.

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  1. Lovely story – the funding of one of my favourite places too! And as I read the opening – that change from battle to trade – I was thinking of York. Mind you, that could also be because I’m in the process of writing a book based their ­čÖé Nicely written Michael

    1. Hi Lynn, I have featured York [Eboracum was its Roman name] in several of my longer stories. I visit York quite often, travelling there by train which takes about an hour. I am pleased you enjoyed the story. Regarding York; what time point are you writing about?

    1. Thank you for your comment Neel, I have often written about the tribes and countryside to the west of York [Eboracum or Yorvik] this area interests me as there was an ancient path crossing England from east to west via the Aire Gap in the Pennines. A gap which allowed contact between Ireland and Europe via northern England

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