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Birds of a Feather

They did not seem upset, that in itself surprised me, when I had walked into the living room and saw them sitting there,   I expected a raucous welcome, but they just sat there. I walked across to the glass fronted log burner and opened the doors, but they just sat there, like two Victorian chimney sweeps. I was so shocked I had only just had the chimney swept and the log burner installed. They seemed to have no intention of vacating their abode, so I fetched a net and scooped them up one at a time, and released them outside. Within minutes the two rooks returned to my newly installed chimney pot, then made their way down into my log burner.

The two rooks in the end would remain there until a builder installed wire mesh blocking their access to the chimney.  Now they reside each day in a rather large wire cage which I have provided, resting till nearly dusk.  When the rook parliament disperses for the night, they escape their self-imposed prison to briefly fly and collect food and nest material. It would seem that the two love birds are outcasts from the rookery. In due course their young hatched and kept me entertained for many weeks. Then one day the family were gone, and life became quiet again. But not for long.

My neighbours are up in arms, for we now have two parliamentary houses, and what a noise they make. And I have two more rooks sitting and looking longingly at the wire cage. But I will not open the door. A third parliamentary house might just be to much. However the people of the street have asked for a referendum, the question is, do they want another parliamentary house, will it help or not. How they will vote only time will tell.

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