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Hungry for Power

Photo copyright: Shiv
Photo copyright: Shivangi Singh

Watching from the veranda of his coach, the president of the railway, saw a gang of his men take a chain saw to the next tree. He wondered if the person who had invented the chain saw, really understood the power that it had placed in the hands of man like him.

Then again as a president why should he worry about such things. He knew that he did not care. He would be long gone before mankind realised that too many trees had been removed. That the world’s climate was linked to trees, and without trees, the climate would go into free fall.

By then his descendants would have power, they would be able to survive and prosper from the situation. Yes he would drive his workforce harder, the trees must go. What did he care. ‘Take them all down, thats what I pay you for, damn you, cut them down’.

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  1. This is so sad. More than a 100,000 trees were cut down in our city some 5 -6 years ago and since then there has been an increase/decrease of at least 1-2c in maximum and minimum temps. The summers as well as the winters are really bad now. Here a Politico watched from the terrace.

    Great write.

    1. So sad to hear that, we undervalue trees at our peril. Sometimes trees may need removing, but I would pass a law which required that for each tree removed, at least three trees had to be planted and nurtured to maturity

          1. That is quite logical. Traditionally ficus and tamarind were planted in my city and frequently one could find rows and rows of trees aged 100 or more lining the roads.

    1. Thank you for your very kind comments. They really encourage me to keep writing. I so nearly did not post a story this time. But then I woke up at midnight with the story in my mind, I just had to write it there and then, with a cup of tea, of course. Mike

  2. Tomorrow, here in the US, we will have such a man as our president.

    There are laws, in my city, that does require planting a new tree when one comes down. Laws, however, are rarely followed to the letter….an uncomfortable story but….a necessary one.


  3. Too many actions have been taken over the years that cause damage to the environment, all in the name of greed. I’d like to think that such attitudes were of the past. Unfortunately, I know that’s not true. Good story, Michael.

  4. have you read about the recent events in Malaysia? the aboriginal people in Kelantan jailed for protecting the forest? your story made me think of it – power corrupts. thank you for always writing different than the rest.

      1. Yes Michael, you do that with your style of writing, gathering from the events around you and turning it into an awareness for others. I enjoy and envy that at the same time, hopefully one day I get to that level.

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