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Contemplating Annihilation

Welcome everyone to 2017, I look forward to reading the many interesting stories that grow from the photos that PJ selects for us.

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Photo copyright: Grant Sud

The world looked so beautiful, that Hisao, who had come to America to make his fortune could not understand why every one was heading underground. Yes the recent massive solar flares were frightening. But to abandon the surface of the earth seemed an extreme response to Hisao.

That is fascinating Professor Tsikuko, but are you sure? Shutting us away in boxes, that seems a bit strong. Just wait till I turn my picture screens on. Thats better. I always find that it helps me to concentrate when I turn them on. Now did you recieve those clips that I sent you, did you watch them. Yes I know that there was no sunlight, we don’t need the sun now that we have atomic lighting.

Yes I hear your concern, but why do we need to meet face to face, the screens do a brilliant job of projecting your image,  besides with the screens there is no risk of catching germs.

Ok, but not today, I am going to switch you off now. Yes we will talk again next month. Click

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  1. LOL! I sure hope this isn’t what is ahead in our future! Haha! That would be terrible to end up this way. Great story, Gina! I like the spin you took on the prompt.

      1. Hahaha! I’m so sorry Mike! I had just read a comment from her and her name was still stuck in my head. I try not to do that very often. Thank you for being so kind about it.

          1. Hi PJ! I believe this is the only glitch so far with my name and it was Michael being called Gina not vice versa, anyways its nice to be mentioned! No worries PJ , just that I had forgotten about the mix up you mentioned till I saw this! It made me giggle a little!

  2. Happy New Year Michael! Underground city, wow I just went WOW, that’s was like so in sync with the photo prompt, I kicked myself for not thinking about it. Something not so far fetched I think, our future is headed there with scare land resource in some countries, brilliant take on the prompt. Hop 2017 is going to be really good for you!

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