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Toy story

Photo prompt curtsy of R Spaulding
Photo prompt curtsy of R Spaulding

Humanity I fear that you are losing the plot. Perhaps you do not see the evil future you are creating. Oceans as thick as sludge, choked with rubbish. Air like the worst pea soup you can imaging. The crust of you planet like a bad cherry crumble. I credit that those who started cracking oil to make petrochemicals did not foresee the results of their inventions. But as a race you have gone on to abuse nature’s bounty. Turning her forests into palm plantations. There may come a time when your young need to spread their wings and head to the stars. But will you have any offspring to do that.

You have time to change. You might start by replacing many plastics with less noxious items. Nothing should go to landfill. Everything has the potential to be recycled. However be wary the petrochemical can make fertile land barren. Every step you make has a impact, sometime good, some times negative. You have great thinkers and many scientists who need guidance. Do not leave your fate for capitalism to decide… or your worse Halloween nightmares may come to pass. The future is yours to decide.

Footnote: I am sorry if this posting comes across as a bit of a sermon, I set out to write something rather different, but my pen delivered this piece of flash.

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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    1. Hi Keith, I do hope it is not to late. However I fear that those who manufacture / grow the worse pollutants are unlikely to change their ways soon. Sadly they will need to lead the way. As many consumers do not understand the role they can play to reduce pollution. Sorry [Rant over]

    1. Thank you Abhijit, when I set out to write Toy Story, I had a different scenerio in mind. But my thoughts carried me to how humanity is utilising the planet. What I ended up writing about is a pet concern of mine. However I am frustrated with the style with which I presented that concern.

    1. I do think quite a few listen. However there is very little practical response coming from the petrochemical industries. So governments need to put heavy penalties in place when those industries fail to deal with the challenge of pollution.

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