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The Handbag

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Mary woke with a start, her handbag was singing. Mary called for help, then wondered was she seven years one week and four days old. She remembered having a birthday party. Recalling all the adults gathered around her. They had looked so old. Yet she knew them all. She had seen them develope from tiny babies. Watched them go to school. She had supported them though teenage years. Had attended marriages and funerals.

She recalled driving an ambulance, hearing moans of despair. That was the first time she had met Fred. She had gone on to marry him. She recalled Fred walking down St Margaret’s on his prosthetic legs. She recalled all the children she had borne. She smiled briefly Fred having no legs had not prevented them having children. But why was her handbag singing.

Then she saw a smile, it belonged to Joan. Joan was telling her not to worry, it was only a mobile phone. Remember Mary you put it in your bag for safekeeping. Β Then Joan asked Mary if she would like some Horlick before going to go to bed. Because being one hundred years old was tiring, let alone adding one week and four day’s on top.

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  1. I like this Michael how this phone a device in both sense of the word, for her to share and remember parts of her life. 100 years is pretty amazing and you can’t blame her for bent alarmed nor wanting to sleep more. A great look at the meaningful years she remembers.

      1. Many pictures, but sometimes after a while they all look the same. I find more that songs on my phone from different years or events bring back more memories oddly enough πŸ™‚

  2. With Alzheimer’s people do forget how old they are. My mother was in her nineties and thought she was a thirty-something. Sweet story, Mike. Good writing. πŸ™‚ — Suzanne

    1. Thank you Suzanne. Fortunately the lady in question was quite sharp except for a brief period after waking up. Alzheimer’s is so variable, I really hope science can find something to block whatever causes it.

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