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Looking for Karen.

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Being paid twice for doing what he enjoyed most suited Julian, music had always been his first love. Now joined by Sara and Pete, the music that the three of them created felt good. Pete loved being a street artist, linking his photography with music was allowing him to develop a portfolio of images along with new ideas for songs. Sara however had a different agenda, as she thought about her time on the streets of London, and the birth of her child.

Now that the borough council was funding them to be street pals, the police had stopped moving them on. She was able to send money home for her son’s care. As Sara created music she continued in her quest to find Karen . They had run away together when their stepdad turned on them, but later became separated. Whilst looking for her sister after the birth of her son Sara had formed a band with the two boys. Now as she watched out for the homeless, she prayed that she would find her twin.

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Lost on the Pavement
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  1. It always amazes me to no end how people can have separate goals, but still come together and do something beautiful like making music. I hope they each get what they hoped for!

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