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The Lord called at Dawn

Photo Copyright: Yarnspinner.
Photo Copyright: Yarnspinnerr.

The fine dew works its way through my shoes to my feet, whilst the pungent aroma from the heated piles of wood  reminds me of my grandfather. He came over with William the Duke of Normandy. Memories they are strange, one moment I am thinking about the woman Sarah, then I find myself wondering what sort of trees have fallen under the foresters axes. I can smell the faint trace of smoke, and see the shimmering haze from the charcoal burners camp.

The time has come to claim my right, for I am the lord of the castle. I will take Sarah to my bed, before she weds the young forester at noon. A young bucks desire is a hard task master, he will not thank me for my actions, but I am the lord of the manor and it is my right. These Saxons my not like me, but they will respect my power and bow down in duty to my rights.

Gaspard: The woman has stabbed me. Take the guards. Fire the village.




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  1. Sometimes, trying to assert the right of the first night doesn’t turn out well. So glad he got stabbed – very well deserved! I pity the village that suffers his wrath though.

  2. Wow Michael, definantly a medieval type Lord here. Thinks Only himself and what his station allows him to do. I feel terrible for those from the village who are about to have their small existence of goods, shelter destroyed while their Lord lives in his castle. That’s feudalism I guess. Great descriptive writing as well 🙂

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