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The Smell

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Come walk a little with me. Yes I know it’s an alleyway, but you never know what you might find. Yes I know there will be bins and rats, but there will be interesting things also. Just look around as we walk.

Do you I hear it; it sounds like a heart beating. Shall we look closer. If you look at those garage doors, the sound seems to be coming from there.

Yes they are interesting. It is unusual to see bare wood so well protected.

Look they are slightly ajar. Let’s be quiet and try and get closer. What a smell, it’s like my grandads workshop. I can smell newly cut wood, and linseed oil, turpentine and shellac. Malcolm look do you see all those woodworking tools. They are worth a pretty penny or two. This garage belongs to old Mr Townsend, they say that he’s a real fine wood carver, apparently he so good that he works for royalty. Malcolm we got a choice, we can pinch some tools; or you can speak up for yourself. Go on ask him if he would offer you a apprenticeship. It would be better than nicking stuff. Go on ask him.

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  1. The POV of the narrator is exceptionally interesting. Your not quite sure who he is, sounds like a thief himself at first. It’s heart warming at the end to find out it’s a Dad and they’ve only snuck in here so he can teach his son to be a better person than a thief and to have a better life by asking to apprencetiship under this talented man. Smart Dad.

  2. A read a news story yesterday about an event in one of the rural communities a few hours from where I live. A person tried to rob the owner of a auto repair shop. The owner offered the man a job rather than give him any money. The robber left, came back and shot the owner, then took his money. Glad your fellow took a different path.

  3. very nice – I was expecting humor and you gave us rich culture and aspiring folks…

    also – question
    was this a typo:

    there’s will be bins and rats, but there’s will

    should the there’s be there?

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